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We wrote a nice consulting article in the summer 2015 edition in Copropriété Plus magazine. An article that will answer somes of your questions about the roof inspection. (See page 68)

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Congratulations to our president Michel Leblanc Engineer M.Ing., for his re-election as President of the Canadian Roofing Contractors' Association (CRCA). Having completed his term in 2014-2015, Michel LeBlanc is proud to continue to represent and defend the interests of members and roofers in national and international issues. We wish you every success in achieving your goals!

Prix de Reconnaissance 2015
Casque d’or GESTESS

To highlight our commitment and our hard work in on-site security, the GESTESS granted us with the Prix de Reconnaissance 2015!

Another achievement
for LK Roofing!

On June 5, 2014, during the annual meeting of the Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association, Mr. Michel LeBlanc was elected President of the CRCA. Congratulations, Mr. LeBlanc! We wish you great success in your endeavor.

Winner of
Fransyl Prix Prestige 2014

During the Master Elite meeting, we won the Fransyl Prix Prestige 2014 and we are proud to have completed the most prestigious project with Fransyl IZOLON product.

accident-free year!

We are proud to announce that LK Roofing had no work accident to report in 2013-2014. We offer our employees a motivational program with the GESTESS, allowed them to be more aware of the importance of safety at work.

Two-time winner
of Prix Prestige 2009-2010

In 2009 and 2010, LK Roofing won the Fransyl Prix Prestige two years in a row.

Service Company
of the year

In 2008, LK Roofing was named "Service Company of the Year” by the SODET for its major investments, its building architecture, and the jobs it created.

LK Roofing widely involved
in various associations

Since 1998, LK Roofing has been a member of the AMCQ (Association des maîtres couvreurs du Québec) and has been actively participating in the technical committee until 2008 with Guy Lalonde, architect at the AMCQ.


LK Roofing will celebrate its 20th anniversary

LK Roofing will celebrate its 20th anniversary

Next April, LK Roofing will celebrate its 20th anniversary. As a prt of this event, an 8-page article on the company is published this month in MAINTENANCE, the building managers' magazine.

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On the Last May 28 2016, LK Roofing was at the succes story TV report on VTELE channel. Being the master roofer in flat roof in Montreal, Laval and North-Shore area, LK Roofing agreed to participate in this report presenting the success of several quebec contractor.

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